Make Government Work

Taxpayers and businesses provide funds to the Government with the expectation that those funds will be used to pay for services for the public. Unfortunately that is frequently not the case in California. Too often our money is lost to bureaucracy and wasted on projects that do not benefit us and drive up public debt, like Governor Jerry Brown’s High Speed Rail. In the Assembly I have fought to end programs that are not working, streamline government and reduce overall cost to taxpayers. I believe that Government should work for Californians, not against us.

Bring Innovation to Government

I started FarSight Studios in my dorm room at Caltech and today we employ dozens of local, talented and creative people. We’ve remained successful because we’ve made innovation a core value in our work. My experience as your Assemblyman leads me to believe that, while there are functions that only government can provide, if we don’t bring innovation to government we risk losing our ability to provide those functions, along with extinguishing the strong economy we need to pay for them. In Sacramento I have worked to bring technology into government and make government more innovative so it is not as burdensome to Californians.

Return Local Control

I have watched Sacramento pass unfunded mandates onto local governments time and time again, and our communities suffered as a result. State Government has become too cumbersome and bloated to be effective. I believe strongly that our local leaders understand the needs of their constituents better than Sacramento bureaucrats. We should empower our local officials, not handcuff them with unfunded mandates. In the State Assembly I have worked to do just that.

Reduce The Size and Scope of Government

As your Assemblyman I have challenged myself to make government less impactful on your everyday life. Unfortunately State government has grown so big and wastes so much money on unnecessary programs it is unable to provide the basic services we need every day. For example, California pays more for roads than most states in America, yet we have some of the worst roads in the nation. This is because much of the money is lost to administrative costs and bureaucracy. As your representative I have worked to make government smaller so it can get back to the basics.

Overcome Economic Challenges

Sacramento has presided over the decline of the middle class in California. Whether it is creating a toxic regulatory climate that is suffocating small businesses or a punitive tax code that is making it difficult for Californians to provide for their families, Sacramento is hurting us. As your Assemblyman I have fought to reduce the tax burden on hardworking Californians because YOU know how to spend your money better than the politicians! I have also introduced legislation that would reduce burdensome regulations on business. We can make California great again if government gets out of the way!